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2016 OAG League Champs

Today we won our golf league and I shot the lowest score in my life.  I felt very happy and proud.  Maggie, when I shared the news the next morning you grabbed my hands...



This is an old classic I believe is one of their best songs.

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Chicago Four

This is our C4 lessoned learned.

Let's go Skate 1

Kodish Skate

Never forget to skate.

More Goals 0

More Goals

You seem to be catching on with soccer.  You scored 3 goals for the season and that was half the goals scored for the entire team.  You like to run everywhere.  I have a...

Farmer Days 0

Farmer Days

On Sunday I dressed you up in overalls and took some photos of you.  It cracks me up to look at them.  You look like a true farmer with your gardening gloves and all. ...

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No More Soccer

Soccer is over and I already miss it.  I am so proud of you both for getting out there and trying.  This was the first activity you both did without any hesitation.  When you...

Happy Day 0

Happy Day

I justed wanted to wish you a happy day and I hope all of you one realize how much I love you and miss you everyday of my life.